Top 5 Blackberry Entertainment Apps

At the end of a hard day of work or during a lull in the action, many like to use their smart phones to check up on the latest news or enjoy some entertainment. BlackBerry fields no shortage of applications for consuming media in all its many forms. Below you'll find a quick review of five of the best apps with BlackBerry for entertainment purposes.


As far as Internet radio is concerned, the only application you'll need to enjoy practically every podcast, broadcast and audio transmission is Pandora. It's free to download, and allows users to personalize their listening experience to suit their personal tastes. One of the most highly-rated apps on BlackBerry Appworld, it's a must-have for any user.


The famed Slingbox platform has made remote media streaming to any location a reality for millions. If you've got a Slingbox installation at home, there's no reason to not have the SlingPlayer app on your BlackBerry phone. Wherever you happen to find yourself, you can use SlingPlayer to stream media over the Internet directly to your handset.

Qik Live Video Streaming

Adding a social sharing element to the world of media streaming, Qik Live Video Streaming is all about media production rather than consumption. Qik gives you one centralized portal for uploading and sharing videos to web platforms like YouTube and Facebook and sharing them with your contacts through Twitter.


Already the most popular Facebook application when it comes to movies, Flixster for BlackBerry boasts a number of impressive features that should appeal to cinephiles of all stripes. With a library of over 50,000 DVDs and advanced search features to find movies by any category, it's one of the most full-featured film apps you can get your hands on.

Viigo for BlackBerry

One of the most respected media apps on the web, Viigo for BlackBerry is the only application you need for every kind of programming imaginable. Whether you're looking for sports results, news, movies or music, Viigo's got you covered. It also allows users to buy airline tickets online, check the stock market, find local businesses and more.

Final Word

Though there are a few glaring gaps in BlackBerry's entertainment offerings as far as built-in programs are concerned, third-party apps largely pick up the slack. Despite the lack of BlackBerry Apps for some pretty major platforms like Netflix, there are nevertheless plenty of entertainment apps for RIM devices available on the market.

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