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Historical Fiction For Sale


Continuing to provide you with links to good historical reads, you might like to explore the following.

Most of these links are for Amazon - as they often have the best prices - and also because many others don't show specific books or authors. Clicking any of these links will help me maintain this site - so thanks in advance. Also when there use their search box for others by the same authors as many ar series.

Attila                               Lord of the Two Lands                King of Kings               Wounds of Honor   


Lord of the Two Lands is a novel about Alexander the Great and a good read, worth your time.

King of Kings by Harry Sidebottom (part two of the Warrior of Rome series) is set in the period when the Emperor Valerian was captured in Mesopotamia in 260 AD

Wounds of Honor by Anthony Riches. Set in Britannia during the reign of Commodus, this is the first in his Empire series.

The Forgotten Legion by Ben Kane - The forgotten legion chronicles of the 10,000 legionnaires lost after Crassus's disastrous invasion of Parthia

The Forgotten                     Khan                        Sword Song                            Viking


Genghis, Lords of the Bow by Conn Iggulden - part two of his Conqueror series.

Sword Song by Bernard Cornwell - part of his Saxon Chronicles. Cornwell writes really good historical novels.

Viking by Tim Severin - the 2nd volume in his series of Norse mythology

Remember many of these books are also available in KINDLE - a great apps for when you are travelling on long trips

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ALL prices were accurate at the time of compilation of this page. Many may be cheaper as time passes - which you will find when you click the any banner.


There are many really good historical fiction novelists that are NOT featured here on this website - due to lack of time on my part. One source of information is Historical Fiction Info site - where you can find good summaries of the latest novels and more.

Of course, if you go to my historical fiction section here you can see what I think and recommend on more novels based on historical events or characters etc. Such as Sharon Kay Penman, Colleen McCullough, Mary Renault and others. There are also more on "My Bookstore" section: such as Paul Waters, Scott Oden (Memnon), Ben Bova (The Hittite), Nefertiti by Michelle Moran and more.



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