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Welcome to Readingbooks-4fun.com Bookstore

Recently I scoured Borders, Dymocks, Angus and Robertson for a selection of historical fiction novels I have wanted to read.

Unlike other main genres (e.g. sci fi, crime thrillers, fantasy) historical fiction never seems to be set aside in its own category and is just lumped in with the A - Z novels.

THIS PAGE Historical Fiction For Sale aims to correct that within our limited capacity as a website. It is in addition to what you can find via the historical fiction section where I am more specific about certain authors.

We are keen to promote novels based on history simply because so many are great reads and can keep you enthralled as the past is brought alive.

Most of these links are for Amazon - as they often have the best prices - and also because many others don't show specific books or authors. Clicking any of these links will help me maintain this site - so thanks in advance. Also when there use their search box for others by the same authors as many ar series.

The Rage                      The Golden Mean                 Ransom                         The Penelopiad    
Of Achilles


The Golden Mean is a tale of Aristotle and Alexander the Great. It is a different insight into Alexander whose youthful mind was partly formed by the influence of one of ancient Greece's most revered philosophers and pedagogues. It is told from the tutor's perspective. I think from reviews I have read that you will find it different, but worthwhile.

The Rage of Achilles is a re-telling of Homer's The Illiad in modern prose but retaining the original plotline and characters. This ought satisy those who found the totally unnecessary changes in the movie Troy to be frustrating and annoying (like I did!).

It ought be a good companion to Colleen McCullough's The Song of Troy which is an excellent version of the Trojan War as told from the perspectives of different participants.

Ransom by David Malouf is Priam's story from Homer's The Illiad books 16 to 24....beginning with Achilles mourning the death of Patroclus and his vengeful killing of Hector, culminating in Priam's appeal for the return of his son's body for honourable burial. This was well done in the movie Troy due to the excellent Peter O'Toole.

The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood. Did you ever wonder what Penelope did or got up to while Odysseus was at the trojan war and then lost for another 1o years journeying home?

Mika Waltari
author of "THE EGYPTIAN", the story of Sinuhe, also wrote other novels set in the ancient world - which I didn't know about. They include "The Roman"; and "The Etruscan" - clicking the link above can also get you the link for them at Amazon.

The Egyptian           The Secret Eleanor          The Firebrand                  Killer Of Men


I love books about Eleanor of Aquitaine (wife of Henry 11 and mother of the Lionheart) - probably the best books are by Sharon Kay Penman, but there are others that well worth your while too. Keep your eye out for her new "LIONHEART".

The Secret Eleanor by Cecilia Holland gives an authentic look at the period when Eleanor was married to and dissolving the same marriage to Louis of France and, the subsequent union with Henry.

The Firebrand by Marion Zimmer Bradley tells of the Trojan War through the eyes of Cassandra - a woman's perspective.

Killer Of Men by Christian Cameron - about a Greek farmboy during the wars with Persia - I haven't read this, but will soon! Looks good. It is the first in a series called the Long War

The Armour Of Achilles (Adventures of Odysseus, book 3) by Glyyn Iliffe: The Trojan War in its 9th year

The Armour Of Achilles            Hadrian                       Quest For Honor          Master of Rome     


ALL prices were accurate at the time of compilation of this page. Many may be cheaper as time passes - which you will find when you click the any banner.

Quest For Honor by Sam Barone
Hadrian by Thorsten Opper
Master of Rome by John Stack
The Vespasion Series by Robert Fabbri

Also good novelists of historical fiction GO TO PAGE 2 for more links
Conn Iggulden (series on Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar)
William Napier
Anthony Everitt ( a series of novels about ancient Rome, including Hadrian, Augustus, Cicero)

There are many really good historical fiction novelists that are NOT featured here on this website - due to lack of time on my part. One source of information is Historical Fiction Info site - where you can find good summaries of the latest novels and more.

Of course, if you go to my historical fiction section here you can see what I think and recommend on more novels based on historical events or characters etc. Such as Sharon Kay Penman, Colleen McCullough, Mary Renault and others. There are also more on "My Bookstore" section: such as Paul Waters, Scott Oden (Memnon), Ben Bova (The Hittite), Nefertiti by Michelle Moran and more.

My concentration has been mainly on the ancient world - with a major exception being the medieval historical yarns of Penman. So to find novel about other periods of the past in novel form go to the site above.

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