Good Authors

These Writers Deliver Great Stories

This list of good authors are among my favorites whom I have yet to write up a section on in this website.

I just haven't had the time, but because I don't feature them doesn't mean they are not of a high enough standard - the fault is mine not theirs.

Some I have featured in the Book of the Month page or as a "Featured Author", but like a twit, I didn't then transfer the info to a standalone page!

If you just click on them you will be taken to their websites for more information.


Lindsey Davis

Christian Cameron

Nicholas Nicastro

Scott Oden

Paul Doherty

Conn Iggulden

Steven Saylor


John Grisham

If you can't find a recommendation for good authors here on this site - always check sites like
AMAZON - please use any of my links and hit their search bar!

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