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30th December 2010


7th December 2010My Bookstore Updated - check for Christmas gift ideas

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30th November
New featured author is George Pelecanos

This section (updates) will soon become a part of the home page as I continue to re-vamp the site

3rd November A MUST READ - for some reason, I missed this - but now found - James Lee Burke's RAIN GODS. It is a superb read from a master of both the genre and language. There is a real joy in just savouring his command of English. Go here to our section on Burke

Another discovery: John Maddox Roberts SPQR series - don't know how I missed this author. Crime in ancient Rome (in the days of the end of the Republic)- well constructed, excellent charactersization, witty and well plotted. Highly Recommended.

5th October
I have done it again and neglected this site!
So for good news - Michael Connelly's "The Reversal" is now available!

Longtime defense attorney Mickey Haller is recruited to change sides and prosecute the high-profile retrial of a brutal child murder. His partnet is Harry Bosch! The best of both worlds

I have just re-read "Lincoln Lawyer" and now will really enjoy this next installment.

Connelly just goes from strength to strength and never diluting his characterization, narrative quality or our enjoyment!

August 27th
I can't believe it - it is May since I updated! I have been busy, but that's no excuse!
I hav been rebuilding my other websites and much more - as that is my income source - this is my fun site - so obviously not much fun lately LOL
My Better House and Garden site is back up - visit if you love gardens - and that's the best place to go to indulge in some quality reading time
Just caught up with Sharon Kay Penman's blog - updating us on the prgress on her "Lionheart" - there seems to be a bit of a delay in finishing - but the anticipation is still there on my part. Check her out in my historical section

MayJust added to recommended resources "The World of Children's Books" CLICK HERE to go to their site - great source for getting kids to read.

April 29th
I have just read James Patterson's "Sail" co-authored with Howard Roughan. Why does he do it?

Again, we are given a churned out novel that promises to be good, based on its plot premise, yet fails as so many of these Patterson co-authored novels do.

Contrived, poor writing, flimsy plotting are some of the terms that come to mind - don't bother with it!

However, DO BOTHER with Michael Connelly - you never get something that is just written for the sake of it. His novels from first to last are always new, fresh and always interesting. The quality of his writing just does not deteriorate - that includes characterisation, plotting and so on.

The best test for me is in re-reading. Connelly's novels are always a good thing to read again.

Two more books that I recommend are:
Don Winslow's "The Power of the Dog" and
Mark Billigham's "Death Message"

Two good reads: From David Stone
The Echelon Deception
The Orpheus Deception
The Venetian Judgment - haven't read this yet! Waiting for the paperback

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Science Fiction Author - Cliff Ball -
check out his site

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Dear Pete,What a wonderful site! And I say that not just because you have so kindly focused the spotlight on my books. For people who love to read, your site is a treasure trove of riches. I would be delighted to be linked to your site. And I will add your site to my own list of recommended websites......."

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