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Hi, we hope you enjoy your visit to our little book worm’s Top Fiction Books web site, and return as often as you like to check up on new additions and updates to our top fiction books …… and even better, feel free to contribute …… this will help us cover authors and books we have missed or haven’t read.

First off – this is a non commercial site – that is, it is privately constructed and maintained by us through SBI (Solo Build It) – a web design company that provides a cost effective and superb program that has enabled us web design illiterates to actually build this fun site……. they have such brilliant tools to get us up and running!

We are a couple of teachers of English as a Second Language (ESL) – but also voracious and avid readers. I live in Perth (Western Australia) and Kieran lives in London – lots of emails and Skype calls and chats I can tell you!

We started to construct an online ESL site – but got waylaid doing this for fun as it is our passion ……. well that and good movies …… and nice places to eat out!

The site will evolve even beyond our tastes …… if site visitors, like your good self, want to be a part of sharing great books they have read over the years.

Many of the books I have read and authors I follow – came through recommendations from others – and I wonder if I would have missed out on many enjoyable hours of reading for pleasure if not pointed in an authors direction through various recommendations for reading.

Kieran’s experience is much the same – it was he though, who pointed out to me that, while there are sites that list top 10’s and 100’s etc, they are generally commercial (publishers etc) and don’t give you much of a feel. Actual authors’ websites do give more detail, but then you have to know an author first to Google it …… that doesn’t help discover new ones.

So we decided to have a go at constructing a site based on our passion for reading and, hopefully, discover another bookworm or two (or more!!!) who also wants to discover new “great reads”.

What to include: only best selling books or general pulp fiction; should we make a must read list? …. still an open question so the site will be an evolving one – it is late July now – so we are still constructing!


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