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Sharon Kay Penman Apps


Apps for Sharon - Android and iPhone/iPad


I have built these FREE smartphone Apps in appreciation of all the wonderful novels of Sharon's that I have enjoyed over the years.

She has so many fans that love to keep in touch - as evidenced by her blog - so these Apps are FREE - in her honour.

They are simple to install - just follow the steps listed below.

FOR Android Phones

Click This Link - Install Sharon Kay Penman Smartphone App

This will take you to Google Play
Just hit the install button on the top left

This App may work on Blackberry to - though I haven't tested it.

FOR iPhones and iPads
(You DO NOT need an iTunes account)


1. Open the App server link on your SAFARI browser

2. Type & paste in this link:

3. Open the appserver link & follow instructions
You will see a screen - like the one on the right

5. Click the middle arrow and bring up the correct option

6. Click "Add to home screen"


7. Then confirm the ADD on the top of the screen

The Apps's icon will now appear on the home screen of you iPhone. It then works like any other app 


1. Open up your Safari browser
2. Type this link into your browser search bar
3. the link is
4. You will see an arrow at the top - click it and then click add to home screen.

That's it!
This is it!          sharon kay penman app  
 sharon peman iphone app                

Just insert this link onto the browser address bar and click - it comes up quite well - will give you a preview - except for the initail title page - which distorts a bit on widescreens.

I love books about Eleanor of Aquitaine (wife of Henry 11 and mother of the Lionheart) - some of the best books are by Sharon Kay Penman, and many of us are waiting with bated breathe for "Kings Ransom" due this year (2013)

ALL prices were accurate at the time of compilation of this page. Many may be cheaper as time passes - which you will find when you click the any banner.

Of course, if you go to my historical fiction section here you can see what I think and recommend on more novels based on historical events or characters etc. Such as Sharon Kay Penman, Colleen McCullough, Mary Renault and others. There are also more on "My Bookstore" section: such as Paul Waters, Scott Oden (Memnon), Ben Bova (The Hittite), Nefertiti by Michelle Moran and more.


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