Recommended Authors 2013 & 2014

I haven’t worked on this site much over the last year, just adding occasional updates to some of your pages.

However, I have enjoyed my usual load of good reading. The following lists are books or authors that I have enjoyed and recommend to you. These are apart from the authors I feature here with their own page.

The following list of Authors I thoroughly recommend any of their books, indeed all.

·         David Baldacci

·         Peter V Brett – superb fantasy

·         Orson Scott Card – his new novels Earth Afire and Earth   Unaware – the first two in a trilogy of the first formic war

·         Bernard Cornwell

·         A.J. Dalton

·         Lindsey Davis

·         Lisa Gardner

·         Mark Gimenez

·         Robert Harris – his novels set in ancient Rome

·         Peter F Hamilton

·         Con Iggulden

·         Glyn Iliffe

·         Guy Gavriel Kay

·         John Gwyyne

From any of the above you will get a consistent good read.

Although he has sadly died, Robert P Parker’s novels continue to be a great joy to read and I have been slowly working my way through his bibliography. Like a few other authors (Coben, Crais, Grippando) his protagonists are people who you will enjoy reading. This plots are always good, narrative compelling, and often laugh out loud even in the midst of serious violence or threat.

Sadly, I continued to read the co-authored James Patterson novels thinking they will improve quality but they don’t. They are nothing like his original solo efforts.

A few more authors I recommend: David Wishart, Ben Bova, Martina Cole, Tan Twan Eng, Robert Goddard, J A Jance, Donna Leon.

I also recommend you keep up with the latest offerings from authors like Michael Connolly, Sharon K Penman, John Lescroart and James Lee Burke.