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Updated August 2013
Three decades . . . Five Riftwars . . . One magnificent saga: From New York Times bestselling author Raymond E. Feist comes Magician's End, the final book in the epic Riftwar Cycle.

Thirty years ago, Feist's first novel, Magician, introduced us to an orphan boy named Pug, who rises from slavery to become a Master Magician, and to Midkemia and the Riftwar, an epic series of battles between Good and Evil that have scarred Pug's world for generations.

After twenty-nine books, Feist delivers the crowning achievement of his renowned bestselling career: Magician's End, the final chapter in The Chaos Wars, the climax of his extraordinary Riftwar Cycle.

Raymond E Feist, author of some of the best fantasy novels written, is a master storyteller who has never wavered from high quality narrative, imaginative plotting and fascinating characters who can hold readers enthralled from page one to the next.

It is true of his first series “The Riftwar Saga” (1982 ff), it is also true of his “Flight of the Nighthawks” (2005) and subsequent novels right up to this year 2012. You can’t ask for more really.

His series "Demonwars Saga", beginning with "Rides A Dread legion" is simply a great read - and totally up to his usual standard.

What sets Feist apart from many writers of series is that each new volume that comes from his pen is as fresh and as interesting as his very first novel.

We are able to re-visit many old favorite characters - but always in context with the new story and never just repetition of hackneyed phraseology.

One of the better things too is that Feist always introduces new and just as fascinating characters - both good and evil.

Throughout the various series of his books he has lost none of his originality, imagination and writing skill - and his books all retain that need to keep reading on and on.

He can ratchet up the tension, holding us spellbound with the seemingly limitlessness of his imagination. There is absolutely no contrivance - just sheer good storytelling and spellbinding narrative.

In my mind there is no doubt he is a ‘must read’ author if you like this genre or want to be introduced to it.

I do recommend you read them in order – yes, right from the very beginning! (see list below)

It is worth it as you will experience an ongoing pleasure for your summer reading or just reading for relaxation before sleep time or whenever.

I think one of the reasons his books work so well is that he makes his characters ones you care about – and thus look forward to seeing their ‘history’ evolve in subsequent novels.

Some of the following follow on from the previous – and others tell of various interludes or are about further tales of characters who were introduced in a series.


The Riftwar Saga

A Darkness At Sethanon

The Empire Trilogy
Prerequisite - need to read the Riftwar Saga first

Daughter Of The Empire
Servant of the Empire
Mistress of The Empire
(not essential to main story)

Krondor's Sons
Prerequisite - need to read the Riftwar Saga first

Prince Of The Blood
The King's Buccaneer

Serpentwar Saga
Prerequisite - need to read Krondor's Sons first

Shadow Of A Dark Queen
Rise Of A Merchant Prince
Rage Of A Demon King
Shards Of A Broken Crown

Riftwar Legacy
Prerequisite - need to read the Riftwar Saga first

Krondor The Betrayal
Krondor The Assasins
Krondor Tear Of The Gods

Legends Of The Riftwar
Prerequisite - need to read the Riftwar Saga first. These are independent books, not essential to the main story

Honoured Enemy
Murder in LaMut
Jimmy the Hand

Conclave Of The Shadows
Prerequisite - need to read the Serpentwar Saga first.

Talon Of The Silver Hawk
King Of Foxes
Exiles Return

The Darkwar Saga
Prerequisite - need to read the Conclave Of Shadows first.

Flight Of The Nighthawks
Into A Dark Realm
Wrath Of A Mad God

The Demonwar Saga
Prerequisite - need to read the The Darkwar Saga first.

Rides A Dread Legion
At The Gates Of Darkness

The Chaoswar Saga

A Kingdom Besieged
A Crown Imperilled (this is penultimate novel in the Cycle)
Magicians End - due in 2013 - this is the end of the Cycle

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