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A New Novelist

For me Paul Waters Roman World novels are a breath of fresh air - as he delivers his stories in a period of Roman history not often covered...... the 3rd century BC and the 4th century AD..... so far!

It is good to read an excellent historical novel of Rome that doesn't deal with the period of Julius Caesar and his immediate successors.

In the tradition of Mary Renault and Robert Graves, Of Merchants and Heroes is a remarkable, beautifully written novel of love, loss and redemption. It is not only a historical adventure; it explores timeless questions of freedom, right and duty.

At the end of the third century BC, as Republican Rome's long war with Carthage in Africa draws to a close, a new danger is arising in the east - the ruthless and ambitious King of Macedon, Philip the Fifth, is moving against the independent city-states of Greece and threatening Rome itself.

Against this background, Marcus, a young Roman, embarks on a sea crossing from Italy to Corfu with his father. Pirates, led by the wild corsair Dikaiarchos, ambush the ship and Marcus's father sacrifices his own life in order to save his son.

Marcus vows to avenge his father's death, setting him on a voyage of spiritual and emotional growth that will forge his character. He becomes the confidant of generals and politicians, and is cast into the midst of rising conflict, travelling among the cities of Greece and Italy during a time of political turmoil and cultural upheaval.

It is a journey that will bring him at last to his unexpected destiny.

BTW Published in the USA as "The Republic of Vengeance"

Cast Not The Day

It is the middle of fourth century AD, and the Roman empire has been ruled for a generation by Christian emperors. Three brothers – the sons of the emperor Constantine the Great – are joint rulers and ruthless rivals. Beyond its borders, the vast empire is threatened by foreign enemies. And now, at last, the Church, with the force of the state behind it, is moving to crush all opposition to its power.

But in Britain there is resistance.

Against this backdrop of civil war and disarray, Drusus, a young British nobleman of Roman birth, learns of the betrayal of his father by enemies at court. He faces the loss of all he has known. As his life is torn apart, he must decide who to trust, who to care for and who to fight; and he must make choices which will forge the man he will become.

Cast Not the Day is a tale of love and loss, freedom and tyranny, and of man’s struggle to know himself, set against a world of chaos where faith and reason clash.

Critical acclaim for Of Merchants and Heroes:

I had despaired of ever again reading a historical novel that truly fired me - I thought the days of such writing were long gone - but clearly not. This is a delight to read, a finely woven, beautifully plotted masterpiece, and deserves to become one of the classics of historical fiction.- Manda Scott, best-selling author of the Boudica series

With its restrained, elegant and poetic tone, Of Merchants & Heroes brings to mind Mary Renault. The ancient world has a new and insightful spokesman in Paul Waters.- Margaret George, author of The Memoirs of Cleopatra

This is a rare treat – a truly convincing historical novel. I’ve waited ages for something this good to come along, and this debut instantly brings to mind one name – Mary Renault.- Sue Baker, Publishing News

Ancient Greece has claimed more than its fair share of outstanding historical novelists - Naomi Mitchison, Mary Renault, Rosemary Sutcliff, William Golding - and Classicist Paul Waters deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as they. Altogether a most powerful and promising debut.- Paul Cartledge, Professor of Greek History, Cambridge University

A thrilling tale of revenge which grips from the start and doesn’t let go.- James Delingpole, author and columnist for The Times, The Daily Telegraph and The Spectator

They say it better than me!

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