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The Tales of Alvin Maker

Do not miss Orson Scott Card – if you haven’t found him already.

Exploring the worlds he creates, and the characters he peoples them with, is to go on a reading journey full of sheer pleasure.

      "Card is a powerful storyteller, with the gift of making mundane details sparkle." - Los Angeles Times

As with his more prolific Sci Fi writing, The Tales of Alvin Maker are a joy to read, not only because of the creativity, but because he combines a lucidity of narrative style with masterly command of the language, which is a joy in itself.

      "[His] prose is a model of narrative clarity; the author never says more than is needed or arbitrarily withholds information, yet even a simple declarative sentence carries a delicious hint of further revelation." - New York Times

“Alvin Maker” uses the lore of the folk magic of the men and women who settled the North American continent in which Card has created an alternate world where magic really works and has colored the entire history of the colonies.

The series follow Alvin as his powers awaken and his destiny takes him to the eventual Crystal City.

For Americans especially, I imagine the appeal of an alternate U.S. will be fascinating.

      Seventh Son
      Red Prophet
      Prentice Alvin
      Alvin Journeyman
      The Crystal City

Something Extra

For an example of how good a writer OSC is - go to his "Hatrack River" web site Home Page and click on the review (left menu) he does of the movies "Mamma Mia" and "The Dark Knight"

They are almost the best movie reviews I have ever read - they certainly exemplify how movie reviews ought be written!

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OSC is a sheer genius!

His imagination is not just fertile - it is magical.

The variety of his sci fi and fantasy novels is endless and non-repetitive as these examples exemplify.