Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman

Pre-eminent Fantasy and Sci Fi

Because Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman have co-authored so many books together, I am lumping them together on the same page – although they have written other fantasy books and science fiction novels independently or with other co-writers.

Since the publication of their Dragonlance series Weis and Hickman have put their own unique stamp on epic fantasy.

Millions of readers have enjoyed their imaginative world-building, rich characterization, and intricate storylines.

And, although quite prolific, the standard of writing has remained excellent, as well as their imaginations – always maintaining rich and varied plots or storylines, characterisation and locales. Nothing seems to be strained or contrived – even after so many books.

Basically, listed here are their joint efforts, plus some of the books written non-jointly.Of course, some of their books belong in the science fiction section …… but what the heck!

I had enough trouble sorting out what was what – chronicles, anthropologies, series and more – their websites aren’t exactly user friendly.

Included are basically those I have read. There are some in the various Dragonlance series that I am sure I have read – but I can’t remember which – so they don’t appear here. I haven’t read any of Hickman’s other efforts, so they are not included here.


DRAGONLANCE CHRONICLES Dragons of Autumn Twilight 1984Dragons of Winter Night 1985Dragons of Spring Dawning 1985
DRAGONLANCE LEGENDS Time of the Twins 1986War of the Twins 1986Test of the Twins 1986

Rose of the Prophet
  • The Will of the Wanderer (1988)
  • Paladin of the Night (1989)
  • The Prophet of Akhran (1989)
Darksword Trilogy
  • Forging the Darksword (1987)
  • Doom of the Darksword (1988)
  • Triumph of the Darksword (1988)
  • Legacy of the Darksword (1997)

Death Gate Cycle
  • Dragon Wing, 1990
  • Elven Star, 1990
  • Fire Sea, 1991
  • Serpent Mage, 1992
  • The Hand of Chaos 1993
  • Into the Labyrinth 1993
  • The Seventh Gate 1994

The Second Generation
  • Dragons of Summer Flame 1996

War of the Souls Trilogy
  • Dragons of a Fallen Sun, 2001
  • Dragons of a Lost Star, 2002
  • Dragons of a Vanished Moon, 2002

Sovereign Stone Trilogy
  • Well of Darkness, 2000
  • Guardians of the Lost, 2001
  • Journey into the Void, 2003

Hickman & Weis Sci Fi Novels

Dragon ships of Vindras
  • Bones of the Dragon 2008
  • 5 more to follow (TBA)

There is a 3rd book apparently - under negotiation, which would be welcome as it was an excellent series - but incomplete.

Margaret Weis (writing solo)

  • Starshield: Sentinels (1996)
  • Nightsword (1998)

This was a well developed series – well written and plotted


a galactic sci fi fantasy saga

  • The Lost King 1990
  • King's Test 1991
  • King's Sacrifice 1991
  • Ghost Legion, 1993

Margaret Weis with other co-authors

Co-author: Don Perrin:

  • Mistress of Dragons (2003)
  • The Dragon”s Son (2004)
  • Master of Dragons (2005)
Mag Force 7
  • Knights of the Black Earth [1995]
  • Robot Blues [1996]
  • Hung Out [1998]

This is a spin-off from the Star of the Guardian series and just rollicking good fun to read.

Fantasy [Co-author, son, David Baldwin]

Kang’s Regiment
  • The Doom Brigade, 1996
  • Draconian Measures, 2000

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Dragon’s Disciple
  • Darkheart [1998]