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As a fan of top fiction crime books, I have regularly read John Lescroart’s novels over the years and am pleased to report that from the first to the last he has maintained a very high standard of writing – maintaining characters who are believable and fallible yet, people we can relate to as fellow human beings – if not identify with their particular jobs and challenges.

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I find his creation of Dismas Hardy a protagonist worth pursuing as the author constantly (from book to book) keeps him real and growing – just like we do – through the ups and downs of daily life.

His series with Wyatt Hunt have proved to be just as good as the Hardy series - so highly recommended! His latest "THE HUNTER" will be out in January 2012!!!!

However start with The Hunt Club and Treasure Hunt

Adding to the value of his books as a good read are the people surrounding Hardy – and the resultant interactions add to a tapestry of enjoyment for the reader – we not only get often compelling plots, but people, dialogue and situations that keep us turning the page for more – or getting the next book for more of the same – the same which never becomes formulaic or contrived.

John Lescroart’s creation of Dismas Hardy lines up equally with Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch and Lawrence Block’s Matthew Scudder. Their depiction is so good, that that is one of the main reasons I keep looking for books by these authors and eagerly await the latest ….. and, the added bonus is skillful writing, intriguing plots and situations that are in the context of personal struggles and achievement.

Having said that, Lescroart isn’t limited to Dismas Hardy – and has other really interesting protagonists in Wes Farrell and Gina Roake.

The same standard applies. What I like about this genre, and these authors in particular, is that they are neither turgid or heavy going, introspective psycho thrillers - they are for reading for relaxation and pleasure - yet remaining among the best fiction books written - in any genre.

All three authors provide novels of suspense woven with moral ambiguity, fallible judgment as we journey with them along what is often a tortuous path to ultimate justice. They are right up there on my list of bookworm's best loved books.


John Lescroart's Best Mystery Books and recommended reading

      Dead Irish (first Dismas Hardy novel)
      The Vig
      Hard Evidence (Dismas does a stint as a D.A.)
      The 13th Juror (Dismas now a defence lawyer/investigator)
      A Certain Justice (features Gina Roake – later Hardy’s partner)
      Guilt (features Wes Farrell)
      The Mercy Rule (Dismas is back)
      The Hearing (features Hardy’s friend Abe Glitsky)
      The Oath (Glitsky leads the investigation)
      The First Law (Dismas and Abe working together
      The Second Chair (this is really good)
      The Motive
      The Hunt Club
      The Suspect (ditto: features Gina Roake)
      The Betrayal (ditto)
      A Plague of Secrets (to be released: ditto)
      Treasure Hunt
      The Hunter

If you can't find his earlier books, I am sure online bookstores like Barnes and Noble, Borders Books and Music (USA and Australia) and Waterstones & WH Smiths (UK) would carry them - or haunt your local used bookstore or even one on line.

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The latest from John Lescroart "THE KEEPER" is out - Dismas and Abe are back and at their best!

Have you read John's THE ORPHELIA CUT?

"The third Wyatt Hunt mystery is also, by far, the best."
— David Pitt, Booklist

"This book succeeds on every level- as a mystery, as a thriller, and as an exploration of its appealing hero."
— Barney Karpfinger, Publishers Weekly