Fun With English

The English Language Can Be Strange

In this age of texting and other instant messaging formats, abbreviations are becoming more and more common!

Some are almost impossible to understand - well for baby boomers like me!

But on thinking about it I decided to add my own two bits worth based on the alphabet.

There are some letters of the alphabet that can be used as words – which is very handy for texting and Twitter.

This is in a lesson format!

b = bee (insect) and be (part of the verb infinitive ‘to be’)
c = see (with the eyes) and sea (ocean)
g = gee (exclamation)
i = eye and I (first person pronoun)
j = jay (species of bird) (and, sometimes a boy’s name)
o = oh (exclamation)
p = pea (vegetable) and …… one more …… !
q = queue (line or sequence of people, vehicles). And, cue (stick used in billiards)
Also, an old word to describe a Chinese plait of hair worn at the back of the head
r = are (verb)
t = tea (drink) tee (golf terms)
u = you (pronoun)
y = why (interrogative)

Can you think of any more?

Use them in sentences
e.g. As I was waiting to be served, a bee stung me on the arm, but I didn’t see it as it flew out over the sea.
e.g. Gee! Did you see that seaplane crash just then!

Or reverse it and use for alphabet practice
Spell these words with one letter
Queue = q
Bee = b
Why = y
You = u
Are = r
Sea = c
See = c
Tea = t
Tee = t
Pea = p
Eye = i
Jay =j

Fill in the correct word represented by the letters
I want to c the cshore and b able to wade in the shallows
Y are u having a cup of t at this time of the day?
R u unhappy because you are not allowed to c your friend?
There is a q of players at the t waiting their turn to hit off.
He took the q from the table and used it as a weapon

And then there are:
2 = two (e.g. two people)
2 = to (as in "go to the store"
4 = numeral four
4 = for e.g. "I went for a walk"
4 = fore (prior)
1 = won, as well as the numeral one
8 = ate

"eye 8 an apple 4 lunch, just be4 I 1 the race 2 the car"

Oh well! Smack me on the 4head!

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