A.J. Smith


While retaining the basic concepts of fantasy writing – Smith has put some new vigor into the genre with the first two volumes of a new trilogy, “The Black Guard” and “The Dark Blood”.

His characters are interesting – and you care what happens to them. His story line is reasonably easy to follow its many strands and he has created a world that is refreshingly new – in terms of good vs evil, the magic and the world and histories in which the story unfolds.

One caveat is that some of the stories exposition is a bit slow and dragged out. More judicious editing would have helped I suspect.

One problem I have is that he kills off some characters who I would have liked to see continue. Unnecessarily so I feel.

Having said the above, I don’t mean to discourage your reading the novels.

The world he has created makes it worthwhile and helps it avoid fantasy cliché. After all, you can speed read over the excess detail when it occurs – without losing the plot or interest.

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