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ESL English Tips is a little section for those wanting to either improve their English because it is a second language

– or – like me – have often forgotten basic grammar etc and would like to do some revision.

Pages of English tips have been added – scroll to the bottom of this page for more.

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ESL: Tips Part One
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ESL: Tips Part Two
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ESL: Tips Verbs
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Topics or tips are:

English grammar- odds and ends: Homonyms, homophones, synonyms and antonyms

American English versus British English

Proverbs, Sayings and so on

Using polysyllabic Words

Commonly confused words

See links at the end

The use of a dictionary and a thesaurus is almost a lost art - the over reliance on 'spell check' has not improved either spelling or grammar.

Having said that, I am not a grammar nazi - but a reasonable command of the language does help us get more out of any authors work - not just his storyline - but the language tools he uses can add to our enjoyment.

And if you are not native speakers of English then gaining as much knowledge of the English language is imperative if you are to comprehend the language fully and enjoy the multitude of top fiction in any genre: be it science fiction, fantasy, thrillers, biographies, westerns or adventure.

Online Degree Programs Guide

An Online English degree provides an opportunity to students to pursue one of the many careers available to English degree graduates.

There are many colleges and Universities offering English degree online programs.

Most Universities offer English degree online programs at the bachelors, masters and doctorate or PhD levels.

Check out this site to see what suits your needs best.

Alternatively, go to their education resources page directly

The web site English for Students has a large collection of tools and resources which you may find handy to explore for greater knowledge of English.

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