David Gemmell

Lord of the Silver Pen

For guaranteed reading satisfaction, David Gemmell is indeed a Lord of the Silver Pen who delivers the goods well and truly.

In him is a writer of great fantasy novels - satisfying on all levels: writing skills, imaginative scenarios, narrative unfolding, realistic characters and heroes you feel for; plus varied and great themes.

David Gemmell

To my mind Gemmell guarantees not only a satisfying yarn, but a thumping good read.

I haven't managed to read all his books yet - he was very prolific. Sadly, he died last year while writing the last volume of his TROY series. It was completed by his wife.

My favourites of his fantasy novels would be the stories of the Rigante and the Drenai.

But it's hard to pick: His two books in "The Damned" are also excellent .... in fact I suggest - just go for it and try them all.

He writes with vigour, his action is taut and suspenseful and his heroes are tough but real - though I do like a comment made by someone about 'Waylander' .. "Clint Eastwood with a crossbow and the same 'make my day' punk attitude."

The TROY series and the Alexander books are more properly historical fantasy. A mix I don't usually like - but he does it better than most.

He many more than listed here - but these are ones I have read and not been disappointed at all, despite my caveat about historical fantasy.... he just happened to choose two of my favourite subjects... The Trojan War and Alexander the Great.

Drenai Series
  • Legend (1984)
  • The King Beyond the Gate (1985)
  • Waylander 1986)
  • Quest for Lost Heroes (1990)
  • Waylander 11: In the Realm of the Wolf(1992)
  • The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend (1993)
  • The Legend of Deathwalker (1996)
  • Winter Warriors (1997)
  • Hero in the Shadoes (2000)
  • White Wolf (2003)
  • The Swords of the Night (2004)

The Rigante series
  • Sword in the Storm (1999)
  • Midnight Falcon (2000)
  • Ravenheart (2001)
  • Stormrider (2002)
Individual fantasy titles
  • Knights of Dark Renown (1989)
  • Morningstar (1992)
  • Dark Moon (1997)

Troy Series
  • The Lord of the Silver Bow
  • Shield of Thunder
  • Fall of Kings

A re-telling of the fall of Troy with Aeneas as the principal hero .... very well crafted.

Alexander the Great Series
  • The Lion of Macedon
  • Dark Prince
Alexander through the eyes of the great Macedonian general Parmenion - a terrific read, yet haunting and tragic.

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