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In Crime Thrillers UK, as with my American list of top fiction crime writers and mystery novels, there are so many that it is impossible to write about them all – even the ones I really have loved – but this will be an ongoing effort – so some will be added as time goes by – and also some by you I hope!

There is something inimitable about being British and this is reflected particularly in a writers like P D James and Ruth Rendell.

While this applies to others, such as Elizabeth George and Val McDermid – with the latter it is ameliorated by a writing style more universal to the world of thrillers and mysteries based on crime and murder.

At times it seems there is a veritable Women's Murder Club of great British crime writers - and we don't need a Miss Marple to tell us that:

A Murderous Lot
Elizabeth George - American writer of British mysteries

The Inspector Thomas Lynley Mysteries – masterfully written murder mysteries, these can be safely added to your must read lists that have the heading ‘diagnosis murder’. She is one of the best mystery authors writing today.

Val McDermid

Her books mainly fall into three series: Lindsay Gordon, Kate Brannigan and the Tony Hill and Carol Jordan series. McDermid considers her work to be ‘tartan noir’ and considering “Wire in the Blood” a fairly apt description.

Lynda La Plante

With 9 novels and many TV scripts and productions such as "Prime Suspect" La Plante hardly needs introduction - except to say that she has to be included into this section of good British crime thrillers.

but equally murderous are some great books to read by

Reginald Hill

I was introduced to his books through the excellent TV series “Dalziel and Pascoe”. I wanted more, so found the books – a well worth exercise.

To be added as time goes by …. But don’t wait for me ……. Add your two bobs worth too if you like

Ian Rankin; Mark Billingham; Michael Hobbs and John Burdett added to British Crime Writers - click link below

Elizabeth George, R D Wingfield, (Inspector Jack Frost; Ruth Rendell, Mo Hayder Linda La Plante click a "Murderous Lot" below

Plus more to come!

As this site develops, I will encourage reader contributions to these pages or to offer new authors to be included - see the update pages for information.

I have purposely separated this category into American and British – mainly because I can’t decide which I like better. The cultural differences, locales, and perspectives are sufficiently different that it makes comparisons odious and much better to enjoy the two different styles as stand alones although they are of the same genre. I write this from an Australian perspective that is heavily influenced by a British heritage and significant American influence through media and political alliances ……. I can enjoy both worlds without being hindered by ‘native’ bias

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These are Great Brit Crime Writers
Val McDermid
Elizabeth George
Reginald Hill
Lynda La Plante
Mo Hayder
RD Wingfield
Ruth Rendell

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