Great Books to Read: Fact and Fiction

This is about books2die4 – books that are simply great books to read – for various reasons that will become apparent when you browse the relevant pages.

They don’t fit quite neatly into the other menu categories/genres so here they reside!

These (especially Manchester) are well worth the effort of acquiring. Manchester was an author of undoubted skill whom it is an absolute pleasure to read.

Clarke’s “Civilisation” is a bit of an esoteric inclusion admittedly – but I was so impressed by his erudition in the TV series that I bought the book – but if you like art, but not art books – get the DVD of the series then.

Many of the books mentioned in the other categories could fit here too as they are also books to die for.

So this section is about both top fiction books and some others - biography, Art History and ancient Rome mainly, starting with:

  • William Manchester (American Caesar; The Last Lion)
  • Kenneth Clarke (Civilisation; The Nude)
  • Robert Graves (I Claudius)

To be added in on linked pages……. But don’t wait for us …….. readers contributions also welcome

  • Bill Bryson – wonderfully different travel books
  • Henry Rider Haggard (yes!)
  • John Grisham
  • Jeffrey Archer
  • Stephen King – short stories – Carrie and Salem’s Lot

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