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November-December 2013



For lovers of medieval historical fiction novels, this is well recommended.

It covers the sons of the de Hauteville family, Norman nobles who conquered southern Italy and Sicily, just prior to the Crusades.

It is a history not covered before - and not because it is a prosaic episode in history.

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OUT OF THE BLACKLAND by Kerry Greenwood

Eighteenth Dynasty Egypt is peaceful and prosperous under the dual rule of the Pharaohs Amenhotep III and IV, until the younger Pharaoh begins to dream new and terrifying dreams.

Narrated by two main protagonists, Mutnodjme, sister of Nefertiti and by Ptah-Hotep the royal scribe, Out of the Black Land covers the disastrous reign of Akhenaten who attempted to destroy the old gods of Egypt in favor of the Ra.

It is a different take on the period and well worth reading. It is excellently written, with a narrative that keeps you turning the pages and ultimately hoping the author writes more in the Egyptian historical genre.

The author is better known for her excellent Phryne Fisher Mysteries

The "Books of The Month" are from "GOODREADS"

For a good read - with a hard copy book resting in our hands - there are many genres which can give that 'reading pleasure'.

Goodreads is a good way to find your favourite
Crime thrillers
Fantasy novels
Sci Fi
Historical Fiction Novels
and many more genres not covered here

Robert B Parker's "Five Classic Spenser Novels"
All the Spenser novels are fabulous reads

John Lescroart's "The Orphelia Cut" - one of the very best crime thriller writers

Raymond E Feist: "Magicians End" - The final volume in the epic Riftwar Cycle. The dragons are calling...

Patrick O'Brien: "A Book of Voyages"

Abigail Tarttelin: "Golden Boy"

Go to Goodreads and explore - worth your time!


For A debut novel, his 'MALICE' delivers way beyond what one could expect.

Travelling or just prefer reading via an electronic device?

Kindle and Kindle Fire has many of these books available - and they are often a lot cheaper!

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