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It is always a pleasure to wander and browse through Barnes & Noble's bookstores. There is a real booklover's ambience to them.

However, if there isn't one near you or you lack time - then click any of the banners here and browse their online bookstore.

Hate to say this - but Christmas isn't that far away - so do a little gift shopping and allow time for delivery!

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Dog Days- Diary of a Wimpy Kid #4

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Nine Dragons

by Michael Connelly

Check out Dennis Lehane, Michael Connelly and John Lescroart in this site under Crime Thrillers USA

They are some of the best crime fiction writers around and its a great time to build your crime fiction library at these prices... why because they are not just once off 'reads' - you can re-read (after time) for equal pleasure.

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An Ideal Christmas present - well, a present for any time really!

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