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This section will provide you with links to buy your favorite audio books and music preferences online.

Audio books are "the" solution for
those long driving trips
for boring plane rides
even when just waiting around or hanging loose in the sun
and of course, for the unsighted

Have you ever considered making a gift of an audio book?

It's different .... and not a bad idea when you think about it!

As for music - who doesn't like getting a CD of their favourite music.

Audible is the world's largest supplier of audio books and related products. Choose from over 60,000 titles

Why not listen to an audio book

  • While you commute to work
  • When you are on a long flight
  • During that interminable wait at the doctor's or dentists
  • While driving across country
  • When simply sitting out in the garden relaxing

Also downloadable to your iPod, Zune or Blackberry

Audible now have two membership options, including a free trial

See a preview of what they offer Click here

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