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    The smartphone owner can:
    View your blog on the phone via RSS feed
    Keep up with the latest news about your industry
    View Social Media links - your Facebook; Twitter; and YouTube
    PLUS the same for generic social media links about your niche
    Additonally you can have "news" channels
    GPS coupons (USA only)
    Push Notification - this sends messages to all App holders
    Deals on offer in App owners locality
    Potential for Google admob (adsense)

    Direct link to your website so it can be read on the phone

    PLUS up to 10 WYSIWYG pages and photo album

    Apps built for local businesses will also have direct 'call', 'email' and location buttons on the homepage for instant contact.

    AND, while you are at it - give your mobile visitors a seamless experience with a mobile website. Create your free mobile site in minutes.  This makes a website smartphone friendly and viewed more clearly on your App

    Make a Free Mobile Website with DudaMobile


    For more information – call Pete

    0410 547 410) - within Australia

    +61-410 547 410 (international)

    Skype: peteryan100


    Free App

    Android: 33 million Smartphones were sold
    Apple: 16 million Smartphones were sold

    My FREE Android APPS - Help Yourself
    Practical Travel Tips
    Beginners Guide To Gardening
    Expert Gardening Solutions
    Expert Rose Growing
    Great Books To Read

    How To Prune Roses

Apps For Your Website

Do You Have An Apps For Your Business?

Did You Know
You Actually Don't Need A Website To Gain Benefit From An App 

Phone Apps Are The Next Step Up from having
a Website & Blog

This is the NEW INTERNET. And it is BIGGER.

Apps are fundamentally changing the way we communicate and relay information.

As a small or local business you cannot do without having an APP.

A smartphone appthis gives users to instant communication with you via their iPhone and Android smartphones.

Change Has Occurred
Today, people FIRST use their smartphone to find services BEFORE they look up a website on a computer. An app makes it even easier for them to instantly contact you

Apps are the future - period. There have been more than 4 billion cell phones sold world-wide, it is changing the way people think, act, work, buy products and communicate.

The Good News you can have an app to give your clients even if you don’t have a website or blog.

iPhone - Apple phones
Android - e.g. for non Apple products like Samsung Galaxy

Added benefit for your business is also having a website and a blog, BUT it does pay to have a mobile version of them from DUDAmobile as well (it's cheap) as it makes your website more user-friendly for viewing on a smartphone.

PLUS, you should have more social media - Twitter and Facebook - both of which an APP opens up on smartphone APPS.

TSW Website & App Builders
can build you an app for you to give to your customers. (Contact Details on left)

$POA for an APP in both formats (suitable for Apple and Android products)
The price is negotiable depending on what you need included.

Surprisingly, Android phones are selling more than their Apple competitor so it is probably best to provide your clients and prospective customers with an option to download either an Android App or an iPhone App

50.6% of the Adult population in the United States are using “Apps”.

  • Each Adult has an Average of 18 “Apps” on their mobile phone.
  • More than 30 Million “Apps” are Downloaded every single day.
  •        The number is similar in Australia! 




    Communication by Apps, Accessing the internet today with Apps.
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